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About Us

PME By Design

At PME By Design, we're spearheading safe, clean, and consistent manufacturing in the cannabinoid industry. With over 10 years in the cannabis and hemp domains, we blend mechanical engineering, machine design, and process engineering to meet the rising demand for clean and consistent cannabinoids. Our meticulous design and rigorous testing enable large-scale production of high-purity cannabinoids like CBD, HHC, and d8THC, prioritizing consumer safety to enhance people's quality of life.

Meet the Team

Mark and Abhilash are dedicated engineers dead-set on using their knowledge to create a better, cleaner world for the future. They apply their skillset to various industries, including desalination, housing, and wellness, and do what they can to ensure a better tomorrow. Click the images below for a more detailed bio on each of our team members.

Mark Jolley
Mark Jolley, MBA
Abhilash Sharma

Our Story
What Drives Us

We've been around the industry for a while, and have spent time in cannabinoid plants all around the US. We noticed one unfortunate thing - no one is able to produce cannabinoids consistently, beacuse no one was engineering the processes. We stepped into our element, and created simple, safe processes for clean cannabinoid manufacturing. Click the button below to learn more.

Our Story

Current Projects

We've been working on creating world-class systems for CBD, HHC, and d8THC manufacturing. Along with this, we've developed two distribution arms, AVRA and WendyJane, for getting our products to consumers that need them. Read below and click the links for more information about our current work! 

Image Gallery

Purpose-Built Equipment

Dive into our image gallery to discover some of our comprehensive work across the cannabinoid industry. We understand the practicalities of cannabinoid processing, and we know what works. Our equipment, designed and constructed ourselves, embodies our commitment to consistency and operator safety. Whether navigating extraction, refinement, or purification, we ensure a seamless, safe operation, showcasing our unwavering dedication. Through continuous manufacturing, well-tested techniques, and careful engineering, we're working to bring the industry forward.


Press Releases


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Authority Magazine

Becoming Pain-Free: Abhilash Sharma Of WendyJane On How to Alleviate Chronic Pain

An interview with Maria Angelova

Cannabis School Podcast

Cannabis School Presents - Wendy Jane HHC

Today we have on the show Mark & Abhilash from Wendy Jane. They give us perspective on how HHC is made and why we as consumers need to demand higher quality cannabis products through stronger regulations and stringent processes to ensure all of us get the cleanest, safest & highest quality products.

Some of the work we're doing has made it into the news! Check out the articles below.


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